The Winery

The Piedmontese Winery Cuvage, founded in 2011 in Acqui Terme, interprets the ancient tradition of sparkling wine born in Piedmont in 1895 with a modern point of view.
In 1895, the Italian oenologist from the province of Asti, Federico Martinotti, invented the world famous method of controlled fermentation for sparkling wines.

The floral design is inspired by the peony flower together with the liberty style‘s elegance, joy, and ornamental detail.

Dating back to the early 1900s Acqui Terme city was celebrated for its joyous liberty style, which you find interpreted and relaunched in the intricate floral design of our bottle.


Cuvage, which is known for Metodo Classico wine, is also the sparkling house for Acquesi, a territory range that pays tribute to its host, the city of Acqui Terme.

A territory line born to honor the city of Acqui Terme and its particular terroir, cultivate native grapes like Cortese and Moscato

The result is sparkling wines such as the dry DOCG Asti, Cortese’s Piedmont DOC Marengo and Rosato Piedmont DOC made from autochthonous red grape varieties such as Dolcetto and Barbera, lively and fruity with a persistent perlage, aromatic sparkling wines Moscato d’Asti DOCG Casarito and Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Valle delle Rose with balanced and delicate aromas, fresh on the palate, and sparkling wines Asti DOCG and Piedmont DOC Brachetto.