La Cantina

Founded in 2011 at Acqui Terme, in the Province of Alessandria, from the very beginning Cuvage has focused on Piedmont’s most iconic grape varieties: Nebbiolo and Moscato are just some of the varieties produced by the maison, whose primary goal is to celebrate a unique and inimitable terroir in a modern and contemporary way.


Acquesi sparkling wines are strongly linked to the territory of origin, Monferrato, which, along with Langhe and Roero, obtained the important recognition of World Heritage Site in 2014.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Acqui Terme was one of the most famous places in Piedmont for the unmistakable liberty style and the unique atmosphere that was breathed in its historic districts. The thermal stations were place of attraction for many tourists from all over Europe.

Still today a symbol and witness place of our city, the Bollente is a source of natural sulphurous thermal water, that flows at the temperature of 73°. As it was a lively meeting place for leisure and culture, it was taken as a symbol for a line of sparkling wines for special occasions.


Acquesi is the line of territory that the Cuvage winery has dedicated to the city of Acqui Terme as a tribute to the company’s roots.
Acquesi sparkling wines are produced with the Martinotti Method, with which balanced, fresh sparkling wines with unmistakable floral aromas are obtained. The musts are placed in a large pressurised tank where the natural sugars and yeast create a secondary fermentation, giving it delicate and frothy bubbles.


With 86 hectares of selected grape production, Acquesi sparkling wines are the product of a true
synergistic collaboration with the territory and with the people: starting from the vineyards from which the harvested grapes derive, right up to the faces of those who work every day among the rows of vines, all the steps are cared for in detail to be sure to bring to the winery the best production of grapes available in the territory. Our team of oenologists has geolocalised all the individual vineyards, carefully analysing and selecting each vineyard, the features of the land and the vine-growing, as well as the grapes’ organoleptic properties.

Why do we call it the Martinotti Method? We are proud to communicate the “Piedmontesity” of the roots of this method of fermentation, invented by Federico Martinotti, director of the Experimental
Enology Institute of Asti – in 1895.